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Flash & Ash is an open list of wood-fired kilns from around the world

It was created by Any Guelmann, a ceramicist living in Seattle, to support the woodfiring community by connecting clay artists, ceramic organizations, and kiln owners worldwide.

The directory is free to participate in and use. 

How it works

How it works

How are kilns added to the directory?

Through research, word of mouth, and submissions. To add a kiln, go here. There is no cost.

What information is displayed?

Privately-owned kilns are listed only by city, unless the owner has authorized the disclosure of the exact address. 

Kilns whose location is widely known, such as those at schools and art centers, are listed with their full address. 

Can an entry be edited or removed?

Sure thing. Please send me your name and the information you'd like to edit.

Is there a map?

Flash & Ash will operate as a text directory for the foreseeable future. For an interactive map, go to Simon Levin's kiln map.

can I support the Project?

Thanks for asking, and yes! Scroll down.


About Flash & Ash

Any Guelmann Ceramicist

Flash & Ash is a passion project created and run by me, Any Guelmann.

The idea came out of my own need to find workshops and connect with kiln owners when I began to wood fire. I started a list for myself, but soon realized I wasn't the only one looking to fire more kilns—and that's how the plan evolved from a simple google doc to a hub of information about wood kilns all over the world.

Building Flash & Ash has been a slow but rewarding undertaking. I'm currently in the process of populating the database (which I hope will grow to thousands of entries) and slowly posting new kilns. If you own or manage a kiln, please go ahead and submit an entry.

You can see my wood-fired work on my website and on Instagram.

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